Saturday, 19 March 2011

Buying a new camera

Hey, I'm thinking of buying a new camera lately as i love to film and make videos and this Sony HDR-FX1 has caught my eyes, it looks really epic on the outside but is it amazing on the inside? With cameras i am not good with knowing which one is the best or great for me, honestly i have no idea... 2 times before ive bought camcorders around £400 and my £90 digital camera was better it was a brainfuck for me.

It's worth around £2000-£3400 as I've researched but i just don't know if its the best, The price I'm looking for is around £1000-3000 and I Don't know which ones are the best.

I hear from people SLR cameras are better, but i only see them as for photography and for short film or videos. I want to make high quality videos on youtube and hopefully shortfilms and more in the future and many other things. Should i stick with sony one of my choice? or go for something else. Please give advice if you are good with cameras or had experience with them, Don't be a faggot with no clue and has no experiance apart from watching shitty reviews.

Thanks bloggers.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cannabis - Good or bad?

Good or bad? Well it really depends how you use it and what society also does to either sell, kill and steal for profits. I think it should just be used for fun and enjoyment, not money grabbing fags no wonder the governments want it illegal, but then again the governments are the real assholes. The only reason people wanna fight and kill and be violent is just the big bags of money, If it was legal then we wouldnt have any of that shit going on with weed. In my opinion alcohol is worse than smoking cannabis from being a drunk slut to a paralytic hobo laying in a pool of sick. Unlike stoners who always have a huge grin or smile on their faces and weed can make your mind creative in many ways.

why is society against smoking it? we are so calm and relaxed and in great moods, Most faggots always go by the law and always believe thats the right ways when really who made right or wrong? But then again i wouldnt enjoy smoking weed everyday at every minute but i do enjoy getting high now and then. I do believe it should be legal anywhere and government could make some moniez from putting tax on and everybody is happy apart from the gangsters who sell it, i dont believe its that terrible for your health mentally or physically. Life would be more relaxing if it was legal and people who dont like it shouldnt bother going near smokers or even think about them why get all fussy about something you dont wanna do...

Share your opinions and thanks for reading.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Mac or pc?

Mac or pc? Why do people only choose one? Why is it impossible to like both? as most things do have advantages and disadvantages. Well for me i much prefer a pc first before a mac and no that doesn't make me a pc fag... The first thing i ever used was a mac when i was about 5 or 6 or somewhere around that age. But then after when it died or was shitty for its time i was brought up with windows computers and the thing is i would also love a mac, not because of its look or the fact i could brag about something expensive. Just the fact that its pretty epic for media like editing and so on, I have used macs such as macbook pro and imac and even mac pro at college while editing. I would love to have a mac aswell as a pc and use it properly unlike most faggots these days, they only use it for facebook skype msn and soo on and basically abusing its purposes.. why the fuck spend over £1000 to do that? are you a wheelchair downs syndrome giraffe victim?
The arguments are endless and people don't understand opinion from fact, they believe figures over opinion for example "more people have pcs which means its better" or "mac cost more which means its better!" No faggots just no, mac fags hate pcs without a good reason because the thing is do they hate the Windows OS? or another pc with no mac OS on it.. they havent made there argument clear and for one when you buy a mac what exactly you paying for? the hardware? because the hardware shouldn't be anywhere near that price or is it the mac OS? or the design and look of a mac? who the fuck knows.

And then you get windows or pc fags who always say mac cant even play games there is no point its shit! and all that crap when they have never used a mac in their life. And yes its expensive as the pc fags always complain so then again if it was the same price as a normal pc would you buy it? clearly not as you hate it so much then why argue about its price? The arguments between these products are fail when no one gets good facts or they don't know what exactly they are arguing about...

Yes i believe mac is too expensive and a shocking price for the hardware you get for it but i like the way it runs and the software, If i had the money i would buy a mac aswell as using my pc

Thanks for reading bloggers =D