Sunday, 17 May 2009

Scotland - hills scenery green and sheep mmm

This video wasn't meant to be funny or anything i just wanted to show people what Scotland looked like soo i went up the huge hills and took videos and pictures and im lucky it was a good day too haha but i also added stupid random bits in it soo people wouldn't get totally bored, its a great scenery Scotland ROCKS the socks =D

Laughter is the best medication - Buy it now!!!

This video was very stupid again just like my others haha well the idea came from me and this girl talking about things in life and bad things and stuff like that and i said well laughter is the best medication out their for sadness and depression then this damn idea came into my head haha and i kept getting loads of random ideas for it and it worked out well in the end i tried to be as random as possible and people enjoyed it haha go me! =D

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Aweembaway! sore ankle losing weight filmrookie annoying idiots on youtube blogspot myspace mybigjimmy twitter fighting fat sil

hey guys funny silly new vlog i made lol
well its hard to make vlogs but i do end up getting all silly stupid information as possible and re-enact some things and try to be random as possible haha but i hope you all enjoy =D