Sunday, 17 May 2009

Scotland - hills scenery green and sheep mmm

This video wasn't meant to be funny or anything i just wanted to show people what Scotland looked like soo i went up the huge hills and took videos and pictures and im lucky it was a good day too haha but i also added stupid random bits in it soo people wouldn't get totally bored, its a great scenery Scotland ROCKS the socks =D


  1. You need to be castrated, and then executed and fed to rabid dogs.

  2. Scotland sure does have an amazing nature.

  3. I'm from America, and have been all over Europe, but Scotland has the most amazing scenery of any country I've ever been. Get up north of Ullapool and you'll see the kind of dramatic scenery that's rivaled only by something like Yosemite...only it's got so much more character.