Sunday, 19 April 2009

Newest videos

Crazy kyles shed

Hey guys I made a new video this week called “Crazy Kyle’s shed”. I made it with my best friend Kyle and we had a great laugh doing it because the video was stupid and random and we had a lot of outtakes during it such as an old woman screaming and shouting at us which was funny but embarrassing for me because I was basically raped in the video and she seen me on floor fake crying but anyways, we both got the idea for the video from being drunk the night before saying random things and we wrote the ideas down which I always do in case I forget and its good to brainstorm ideas and add them all up. Kyle made the story and I added the other random ideas in to make the video look good but at first we planned for Kyle to go out in the street jumping at people with his top off and running around screaming in people’s faces but we didn’t think it worked out on the video it just didn’t sound good but hopefully next time we will add that idea in.

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