Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Amazing pc

Yes it looks awful but im not really a person for looks when it comes to computers, i love a really fast one.

The specs of my pc:
Processor AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T (3.30GHz/9MB CACHE)
Motherboard ASUS® M4N98TD EVO: DDR3, 2-Way SLI, SATA 3.0GB/s
Graphics card 1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTS450
Hard drives: 80GB INTEL® X25-M SERIES SSD, SATA 3 Gb/s (upto 250MB/sR | 70MB/sW)
1TB seagate barracuda 7200.11Power supply 450W Quiet 80 PLUS Dual Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan
Sound card Sound Blaster® Audigy™ SE

Price : £927
Epic you think?

This processor runs like a mother fucker and before you all start calling me an AMD fag or whatever well let me tell you, all my life ive used intel processors and this is my first amd computer and no i have no problem with intel neither other than the fact they are expensive my other choice other than this amd was Intel-2500 quad core 3.30 6 MB cache at around the same prices so of course i chose the amd. But anyways i tried this processor out with rendering videos on programmes such as sony vegas and premier pro and WOW i rendered a 1 Hour 30 minute movie within 45 minutes which i was shocked and realised it was rendering using all my 6 cores at about 94% without even lagging up my pc so im glad i bought that liquid cooling system.
Intel 80GB solid state drive, Now some of you newfags or tech fags will say or think BAHAHA 80GB lmfao, no, Just,no. This isnt even a disk nor does it spin.. its actually amazing and worth buying if you have the money simply because its fast for installing or transferring files and even starting up your computer. Its a huge improvement compared to our older shitty drives. "But you will run out of memory/space fast!", No this is what i heard and done myself. I installed my other hdd into this computer for storage and i put all my files and downloads on there and keep my drivers and OS along with the main programmes and software apps on the intel solidstate which are high priority for example i want my games and/or sony vegas editing programmes running fast when i open or play so they go on the solid state and my files pictures music and shitty programmes like microsoft paint(LOL) go on my secondary drive.
Liquid cooling systems sound amazing, most newfags or techfags think its to cool down your whole pc going in and out everywhere but when its mainly for your processor and yes you can get some to go everywhere which does look amazing but id rather keep the brain of my pc chilled out. I highly suggest you get one of these if you overclock your pc which is pretty damn obvious or you edit using amazing programmes like adobe or sony or even autodesk stuff. People may think they need it for gaming but i highly doubt that, Do you see xbox or ps3 with liquid systems? no but then again if your hosting huge private servers and shit then why not or if you are a total rich guy or a money waster well why the hell not. its epic keeps my pc sexy and thats all there is to it.

I made this pc online on a brittish website called If you are from Britain and are saving or getting a pc, dont waste it on shitty companys like pc world or try and build your own (unless you are an awsome geek) i suggest you buy from here and make an amazing high spec pc because its worth the price and the hardware is cheap compared to other places, if i got my pc from pcworld it would be atleast £1500-£2000 (mines was £927). I've already got like 3-4 people to buy from here already plus these guys allow you to install more hardware without voiding warranty and give you amazing help

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  1. what a beast of a pc.

    i'm uber jealous! :P

  2. hmmmm. rather nice build there.

    close to mine but i didnt spend as much on cooling and went with a kick as 24" monitor


  3. Ah well i already have 32 inch dual screened with 22 inch so i didnt want much else

  4. mine is better than yours. hmph.


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  6. Hey man, nice rig for that price.

  7. I find myself being intensely jealous of you my friend. I wish I had the funds to get that kind of machine.

  8. Dang you got a nice pc. I like your blog it's really diverse.

  9. nice rig! I've never had a problem with amd processors, I don't understand why people like intel so much more, they're just pricier. The liquid cooling's definitely bad ass, perhaps a little excessive imo, but if you have the money for it then that's sweet!

  10. Nice! And it's not that expensive for the quality

  11. needs a better graphics card!

  12. thanks kyle but i believe i needed the cooling system especially for editing as the processor would heat up like crazy

    and olimpiky im not soo fussy about games these days and if 256mb can run on games these days my 1gb isnt old yet haha :)

  13. nice build, i will def have to upgrade to SSD soon..

  14. Worth the price if you know what ur doing :)